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Fate has a strange way of ruining our lives…   I mean seriously.... I’ve lost both my parents, killed by the same man. That man who altered me at birth! Screwed me up by splitting my soul into two halves: normal self and an annoying demon self that I can’t control. But that’s beside the point. Being “destined” is a privilege in my world. According to some fishy prophecy, three lucky saps marked by a kiss of destiny, get to go on a suicidal mission to kill the enemy of the world, who…is that man. My two partners have no idea that I’m just using this “destined” thing as a tool to avenge my parents. And I will do whatever it takes to kill that man.

The Destined.  Eight books planned!

Book one: Available at bookstores, Amazon,etc.

Book one audio-book: 20%

Book two: Outline phase!