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August 2nd:
Website created and added short stories Mind Control and Mind Control 2.  I will release each story as I finish the final edits.

August 4th: 
Works in progress finished for now. Adding more short stories.

August 6th:
* Short story ratings added. G, PG, PG-13, and R.
* After my shorts from year 2012 are all edited and uploaded, brand new 2015 pieces will be written and uploaded. I may begin with the genres mystery, suspense, humor, horror and fantasy.
*Short story submissions are currently on debate.

August 8th:
Novel, Fragment, typing/editing phase may reach completion by the end of this month or beginning of September.  Publishing will also begin at this time.

August 10th:
New 2015 original short stories are now in progress. Semi-pro and pro markets are in debate; however, continuations such as Mind Control will remain here on the site (unless advised otherwise). Work In Progress will be updated to reflect that soon.
*Fragment is progressing quickly though its simultaneous typing and editing phase. Chapter samples may be published.
*Seven Days of Heaven, The Destined, and Destroyed are going up for personal review/ editing. The Destined and Destroyed may be self-published.

August 12:
Work in Progress updated. Mind Control submitted for traditional short fiction publication. Currently awaiting reply.

August 16th: Novel, Fragment is completed. Publishing phase started.

August 22nd:
Published Books updated! Stories of the Chasers volume one is now available.

August 24th:
Mind Control 3 is currently in production and it's looking great. Making me laugh as I write it.
Short Stories of the Chasers is free on kindle from August 24th through the 28th.

August  26th:
Happy birthday to younger sister!
Fragment: will hopefully have a book deal!
Mind Control 3 is at 85% done. Compare this gem to it's predecessors.
Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/Alvin_Atwater

August 27th:
Mind Control 3 is 100% done and currently available to read. If anyone wants me finds any of the
2012 stories interesting but desire a full rewrite, let me know. I'm up for rebooting any story if it has supporters.

August 29th:
Adding extra scenes to Fragment.

September 4th:
Can be found on Wattpad, Scriggler --they're hosting the Mind Control Series.
Currently adding Extra scenes to Fragment. The base novel may be done but I must
make it even better.

September 13th:
Fragment's new part is still in development.
Me vs. the Tooth Fairy will be made into a novel.
The Destined editing is in progress. Soon to be published.

October 11th:
Happy birthday mom!

October 29th:
Sorry for the long gap! The Destined has landed a contract and is currently in its production phase!
Please support it. Thanks!

November 6th:
The Destined is currently in the publisher's editing phase, excepted to be moving to the next step by December.
Fragment is on a temporary hiatus, possibly for another 10K added for a 60K word revamp. However, there are publishers that take a few months to reply.
The Destined's second book is in its writing phase and hopefully I can have it completed by its predecessor's release.

December 10th:
The Destined has moved to its bigger phases. Editing phase is wrapping up. The book cover phase is in session. Book 2 is still in development, continuing directly after book 1's epilogue.
Fragment is still in a hiatus state as the production team is asking for more and more. This is going to be epic! I will continue to keep you updated.

December 12th:
Happy birthday me! I'm 25 now.

December 28th:
Fragment is no longer on hiatus. Going to power out the 3rd arc and return it to the publishing it phase. Hoping it be close to 80K after this.

January 28th:
Oh man! So progress has been made. For one, The Destined's book cover looks amazing! It is currently wrapping up a copy-editing phase. Mind Control 4 is currently in progress. It may be easier to view it from my wattpad account. My username is syr456 there. (Search Mind Control syr456 or Alvin Atwater --you'll find me. Or.... click this awesome link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/48978733-mind-control

February 21:
Production is still in progress. No release date just yet. Just two days ago, I received a new project manager, which normally indicates that the next phase approaches.

April 17th:
It's been a while and yes March updates were skipped.  As of now, The Destined's production is wrapping up. Book cover is nice, the inside is nice, and it is getting ready for marketing.
Mind Control series is still moving forward with its 6th installment currently in the writing phase. See Wattpad for more intake.

April 26th:
The Destined's release will be 3 months from now.

May 2nd:
Fragment has been released!

The Destined will be released on July 12th 2016.

July 12th:
The Destined has been released! The audio-book still has a ways to go but it's coming along pretty good.  Same goes for Mind Control's audio and Fragment's audio.