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The Destined series
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 The Destined, book 2: outline phase.

Hell to Pay (The Hunted God book 1) outline: 100% Writing phase 40%

Ready (The Dead Five book 1) outline:100% writing phase 20%

Fragment book 2: outline phase: 45%

 Destroyed. Progress: Completed. Editing phase (30%).

 Nawm. Progress: 38%  Hiatus

 Seven Days of Heaven. Progress: 34%  writing phase. Hiatus.

Short Stories

Mind Control series! Check them out on Watt pad. (Via Syr456). Still be posted in the writing hall.

The Destined short story 1: writing phase: 100% 

 Me vs. the Tooth fairy 3. Progress 0%  Planning phase.

The Games of Fear 3. Progress: 0%  Planning phase.

The Witch Hunter. (title WIP)  Progress: 20%. Writing phase.

Imperfect 2. Progress: 0%  Planning phase.

Fragment short stories. Planning phase.

A vs. D.  Progress 10% Writing phase.

Completed short stories will not be on this list. Instead, they will be re-edited and published.


 1.   Bound. Progress: Completed. Re-editing phase.

 2.  The Gem of Death. Progress: Typing phase. Hiatus.

 3.  Bound 2. Progress: planning phase.

4. Fragment: The Past of the Lord of Death. Planning phase.